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Developed by exterminators, used by everyone. Our natural bed bug sprays are the future of pest control worldwide.

BedBug911 by Hygea Natural is the groundbreaking new approach to bed bug treatment you’ve been waiting for. Our non-toxic bed bug sprays get the job done without putting your health at risk. Say goodbye to using toxic chemicals for DIY pest control at home.

Our Story:

We have served the NYC Tri-State Area for nearly 3 decades as the leading bed bug exterminator. Many of the people who required our services were disabled or in long-term care facilities. The biggest challenge they faced was their inability to evacuate for extermination.

Our mission to meet the needs of every person we assist no matter what has always set us apart from other pest control companies. So, we were determined to find a solution.

The answer we found was making our own natural bed bug spray. Its active ingredient rips through bed bug infestations using naturally occurring enzymes that are as safe to use at home as an all-purpose cleaner.

Our Products:

By partnering with global manufacturer Hygea Natural, we are now able to offer the very formula we use on the field every day to people like you. Bed bugs are an invasive pest. Having a proactive routine for your home has never been simpler.

The BedBug911 By Hygea Natural Bed Bug Sprays Are:

  • Formulated with natural, snon-toxic ingredients;
  • Non-irritating to those with respiratory conditions;
  • Fast-acting, activated on contact;
  • Safe to use in homes with kids or pets;
  • Proudly made in USA.

Easily incorporate pest control into your daily cleaning schedule with our ingenious, robust bed bug sprays. This product can be applied to all water-safe surfaces for a dynamic solution to dealing with pests at home. Try it for yourself and nip infestations in the bud.

About Our Founder

Nicole Levine, CEO

The mastermind behind it all, Nicole Levine left her home in Israel and came to America seeking higher education and a better life. As a single mother, she worked tirelessly to provide for her children while making her own dreams come true.

Even then, Nicole was brimming with entrepreneurial spirit. Developing several successful startup businesses in her journey towards advancement, she would eventually found BedBug911 in 2005.

After realizing the severity of the bed bug crisis, Nicole spearheaded a comprehensive solution for pest treatment. Her holistic approach to getting rid of bed bugs included methods never before considered by an exterminator.

Now, Nicole has gone one step further by creating one-of-a-kind bed bug sprays. She is leading the way in pest control with brilliant forward thinking, and passion for meeting people’s needs. Thanks to her innovation and determination Nicole was named Business Woman of the Year by the New Independent Democrats in 2011.

An Award-Winning Partnership

BedBug911’s all new line of DIY bed bug sprays were engineered by the talented specialists in Hygea Natural’s state-of-the-art laboratories. Hygea Natural is revolutionizing the industry by developing safe, natural products that pack a punch. Their modern approach to product manufacturing comes with some prestigious titles.

Here are some of the awards Hygea Natural’s outstanding enterprise has won:

  • Inc. 5000’s Fastest-Growing Company of 2013
  • Small Business Administration’s 2015 Exporter of the Year
  • Most Innovative Product of the Year in 2018

BedBug911 is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise. We are proud to partner with the world-class Hygea Natural to bing you the #1 natural bed bug spray of its kind. The BedBug911 by Hygea Natural products are manufactured right here in the US.

The Best Natural Remedy for Bed Bugs in Your At-Home Toolkit

Our bed bug sprays are the last natural bed bug treatment you will ever need. The complete line of BedBug911 by Hygea Natural products is designed to be your most well-rounded pest control method that is worry-free and effective. Cover all your bases with this amazing solution.

You never know when bed bugs will strike. But, BedBug911 by Hygea Natural makes handling infestations at home easy.

Don’t wait until your house is a bed bug buffet. Complete your bed bug kit today.